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Helping Business Owners Earn More

Mercer Franklin LLC was born in pre-pandemic 2020 and marks the journey of its founders from Mercer Island, WA to Franklin, TN.

Since 2013, founders Brian and Juliana Stachurski have helped influencers and business owners surpass their wildest marketing goals, including:

  • Launching a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller, with more than 60,000 copies sold in the first week (ask us why it missed the NY Times Bestseller list).
  • Building a “content machine” that generated over $3 million in less than 12 months via the creation of 90+ original, SEO-optimized content pieces per week.
  • Writing control-beating webinars, including one script that drove more sales calls for a $36,000 per year program than the schedule would allow, forcing an extension of the offer.
  • Drafting a 60-minute presentation to real estate investors that generated over $30 million at its first event.

Not to mention the gains from small-business-owner coaching clients . . .

Clarity, peace, and focus for leadership teams from Chaos Killer Workshops . . .

High-converting strategies taught at conferences, via podcasts, and during 1:1 consulting sessions . . .

If your company’s marketing efforts aren’t driving the leads and sales you need, it’s time for a 2nd set of eyes. Schedule a free, no-obligation call to talk through your goals and sticking points. At worst, you’ll walk away from the call with ideas to get more from your current marketing efforts and grow your company’s revenue.

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