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How We Help Small Business Owners
“Kill the Chaos”


Few investments can deliver the same ROI as executive coaching. Whether you need accountability, a sounding board, or an unbiased second set of eyes on your crucial initiatives, coaching delivers a clear path to the business and personal success you’ve been working toward.


When you and your team is neck-deep in the busyness of daily work, consulting gives you an impartial analysis of your marketing efforts and recommendations for how your company can gain revenue with the least amount of disruption and effort.

Done-For-You Services

Whether you need marketing campaigns, sales pages, webinar scripts, sales funnels, or email sequences, our team helps business owners generate revenue that exceeds expectations. From filling VIP rooms at local events to generating $30 million from a single webinar to investors — if you need marketing services, let’s schedule a call to see how we can help.


If you or your team wants to do the work but need guidance on how to do it, we have you covered. From boosting sales, retaining customers, and increasing revenue without investing in a pricey agency, we offer premium resources to deliver the instruction you need to grow your business in the most economical and effective way.


When the daily chaos keeps you from growing your business, Chaos Killer Workshops can help. During these 1 day workshops, Mercer Franklin’s co-founder, Juliana Balinbin Stachurski, will help you and your leadership team cut through the fog of busyness, identify the key levers that matter for your goals, and plot a path to get you there. Past participants have called this workshop “pure business magic.” Click the button below to book an exploratory call to learn more.

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Mercer Franklin Brands

Chaos Killer

Chaos Killer helps business owners get clear on what’s most important for their goals, and equips them with the tools to achieve them via coaching and Chaos Killer Workshops. To see if coaching or a workshop is a fit for your situation, click the button below to schedule a free exploratory call.


eComWords focuses on direct response marketing education for business owners and their teams. With an emphasis on brick-and-mortar companies who want to augment in-store purchases with online sales, eComWords offers paid courses, books, and a monthly newsletter (with templates) to help you make every marketing dollar earn its keep. Go to eComWords to learn more and to see the available tools and resources.


Ellis Pond is Mercer Franklin’s agency. Started in 2013, services include: marketing audits/plans, sales campaigns, sales page copywriting and design, sales funnels,email marketing, and more. If your marketing is stuck and your team is buried, go to Ellis Pond to learn more, or click the button below to schedule an introductory consultation.


Pipeline Secrets

If you need to boost sales via email, sales funnels, webinars, sales videos, or direct mail, Pipeline Secrets is what you’re looking for. Mercer Franklin co-founder, Brian Stachurski Sr, has been helping small business owners and influencers grab attention and drive sales since 2013, frequently beating the controls of big-dollar agencies. To see if Brian can help you reach your revenue goals, go to Pipeline Secrets or click the button below to schedule a call.


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